Java Engineer

Location: 🇺🇾 Uruguay / 🇦🇷 Argentina / Remote

We are looking for a great Developer to join us!

The team is growing to face new and exciting challenges. We are looking for a person that is passionate about solving complex problems.

Job Description

For this position, we are in search of an experienced Java Engineer. We expect candidates with outstanding analytical skills and a keen desire to learn and apply new technologies.

Committed to:

  • Implement new functionality and analyses in our real-time distributed query engine using cutting edge technologies while working massive data sets
  • Research and develop solutions to help scale our systems and eliminate performance bottlenecks emphasizing high scalability, high reliability, and low latency
  • Build systems to support easier integration of customer data

Hiring Process

📝 Initial CV/LinkedIn screening
📞 Screening call
💻 Technical Call
🤝 Meet the Client
💬 Meet the founder
✉️ Proposal or rejection with a feedback


– Adaptable and flexible, you excel in supporting multiple kinds of clients and projects with varying styles of solutions, services, and deliverables.
– You have an understanding of how technology solutions affect business goals and can communicate technical and business solutions to clients.
– Not only quick to identify and escalate risks/issues, but proactively develop possible solutions to the risks.
– 2+ years experience in Technical Project Management or Delivery Management.


– Teamwork.
– Proactivity.
– Good job estimation.
– Methodical, organized, and consistent in completing your work.
– Strong written and oral communication skills.
– Constant interest in learning.


  • Minimum five years work experience as a software/infrastructure engineer, including significant experience with scalable distributed systems architectures using modern commercial cloud infrastructure (we use a mix of web servers, containers, load balancers, databases, message queues, and caches from the big providers)
  • Solid CS foundation — you’re able to justify the data structures, algorithms, and techniques used in your code, and you’re able to analyze it with regard to time/space complexity
  • Demonstrated ability to estimate timelines, prioritize tasks, set and meet deadlines, and collaborate with a broader team
  • Demonstrated track record of shipping quality products
  • Able to build articulate and justify trade-offs when architecting new functionality


  • Teamwork
  • Proactivity
  • Good job estimation
  • Methodical, organized, and consistent in completing your work
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Constant interest in learning

Nice to Have

  • Experience with distributed data stores like Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Druid, Clickhouse, etc
  • Experience in data science and/or machine learning techniques
  • Strong experience utilizing cloud providers such as AWS or GCP

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