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The solution to tracking academic eligibility requirements to play in college.

 About the client

PIERCE Plan is the first web-based platform integrating high school student information systems so that coaches, athletes, parents, counselors and athletic directors have a solution to track academic eligibility requirements to play in college.  

Through PIERCE, college coaches can access verified grades, transcripts, and test scores in real time to help facilitate the recruiting process, and ultimately ensure college athletes also prioritize academic achievement to put them in the best position for success later in life. Ultimately, the platform wishes to enable students to better understand their own academic eligibility at a given school, and for colleges to recognize the same on behalf of recruited athletes.


In June 2018 we took over the project to help develop the second version of the platform. The initial objective was to add new features, polish existing ones, and fix bugs, while studying the different rules regarding NCAA college admissions.

In the beginning of 2019 the system onboarded new schools which created a real challenge as the average enrollment size was twice as large as in previous use cases. Our team had to find a solution that allowed the system to complete those calculations in a reasonable amount of time.


The first goal was achieved successfully, the hand-over was very smooth and the project was able to maintain its pace. We managed to fix existing bugs and add new features while also improving the overall performance.

The second goal was a bit more challenging and certainly questioned the viability of the project. We decided to analyze and debug the calculation algorithm and found areas where we could use some optimization techniques to reduce both execution time and memory consumption. Fortunately, we were successful in bringing execution time from several hours down to just seconds (calculation results are now provided in real time) with a minimal memory footprint, which also enabled us to cut costs on the infrastructure side.

The system is currently being used by multiple students and teachers in the US to track academic performance and make plans on how to achieve their desired goals.

Loop Studio is a team of problem solvers. They’ve found solutions on how to code the software more efficiently. I’m on a budget, and they’ve been accurate in estimating how long it will take to develop various features. Typically, they complete the task in fewer hours than they predicted. I appreciate the communication and the way that they work to fulfill the needs of my company.

Kelly PierceCEO of PiercePlan

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